Work With the Best Cleaning Company in Las Vegas

In some areas of the country, choosing the right cleaning company is like finding a needle in a haystack. In Las Vegas, one award winning cleaning company stands out from the crowd.

On April 2nd, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Nevada District announced the winners of this year’s small business awards and two business owners from Las Vegas were named the state of Nevada’s Small Business Person of the Year. Elena Ledoux and Nargiza Mukhutdinova, owners of what the Administration has deemed one of the most promising small businesses in the area, will now compete with others from across the country.

What Makes a Cleaning Service Great?

Wondering what qualities consumers look for in a cleaning service? Some of them are obvious. All employees must exhibit professionalism and decorum at all times.

Cleaning personnel should have access to high-quality cleaning equipment and supplies. They should also be willing to use supplies provided by clients as requested.

Arguably, the most important element of a successful cleaning business is attention to detail. Anyone who has performed his or her own housework can attest to the fact that it’s easy to overlook corners, spaces beneath furniture, and areas between shelves. An exceptional cleaning service will never forget those minor details.

Employee Treatment

Exceptional employees don’t just come out of the woodwork for any cleaning job. They’re drawn in by good wages, benefits packages, green products, and positive company culture. Ledoux and Mukhutdinova have demonstrated a commitment to providing security for their employees, which has helped these small business owners attract the best cleaners around.

The Right Products

Green cleaning is the catchphrase of the day in the cleaning industry for a reason. Green cleaners are gentler on furniture and floors, provide better air quality for customers, and allow employees to do their jobs as thoroughly as possible without having to worry about carcinogens. It’s better for the environment, the employees, and most of all for the customers.

Customer Value

The reason that customers flock to certain cleaning companies and ignore others is that they know a good value when they see it. After all, it shouldn’t cost a small fortune to have a clean, beautiful home. Whether customers are hiring a cleaning company for a onetime job or they want weekly deep cleans, they should expect to pay a fair price and be offered reasonable satisfaction guarantees.

The Bottom Line

There’s no reason for Las Vegas residents to settle for a sub-par environment when they could work with the best. Those who aren’t satisfied with their current cleaners can learn more about one of the most highly respected Las Vegas cleaning services online before they make the switch.


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